Change A Fuel Filter on 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0

36mm Low Profile Filter Socket. Removes and Installs Filters on 6 Liter Ford Diesel Pickups. Works on Duramax Fuel Filters. Shop Ford L Powerstroke OEM Genuine Fuel Filter Return Tube Kit - 3C3Z-9TAA online at just $ from Big Dawg Diesel and Surplus. The average cost for a Ford F Super Duty Fuel Filter Replacement is between $ and $ Labor costs are estimated between $56 and $70 while parts are.]

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The L Power Stroke features two fuel filters - the primary fuel filter is located in the HFCM, or Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module, mounted to the driver. Both fuel and oil filter kit. The Ford Motorcraft FD Fuel Filter for your Ford L Powerstroke is the same high-quality filter your truck came. Description. WIX HD Fuel Filter for Ford Powerstroke L WIX# High Efficiency Fuel Filter Kit with O-Rings. WIX HD Fuel Filters feature a. This is a good used fuel filter housing from a Ford F/F/F with a Powerstroke Diesel engine. It is in good shape and is not cracked. The PS K&N Oil Filter for the Ford F Super Duty with a L V8 Diesel engine is designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional & blended. New Ford fuel cap for upper small fuel filter for Motorcraft FDFord liter diesel. This is the factory Ford part, not a cheap knock-off. Ford L Powerstroke Diesel Fleetguard Fuel Filter, part number FS Pure Diesel Power; © All Rights Reserved. This Ford L OEM oil filter that works best when changed along with oil at least every miles. It's also a good part when upgrading your EGR cooler.

Ford F/ Super Duty L; Ford F/ Super Duty L. Fits Ford L Diesel Trucks WILL NOT FIT MODELS WITH A SQUARE EGR COOLER. Warranty Information. 2 YEAR WARRANTY. Fuel Filter Housing Assembly Ford L Powerstroke. Genuine OEM Ford Part 4C3Z-9CAA / Fits Ford L Powerstroke with Square.

Buy a Ford F Super Duty Fuel Filter Housing Seal Kit at discount prices. Choose top quality brands Dorman. A bad fuel filter on the Ford Super Duty can lead to poor fuel economy, poor performance, and poor start. Here's how to replace it yourse. FASS Fuel Systems Filter Pack XL (FPXL) Sale! FASS Titanium Signature Series Diesel Fuel System F GPH ( PSI), Ford Powerstroke L and

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